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Forest hinge-back is certainly one of the most unusual looking tortoises. Patterned with brown and yellow markings on the carapace, many have bright yellow heads. Forest hinge-backed tortoises get their name from the ability to close the rear part of the shell. When the shell is closed it protects the back legs and tail from potential predators.

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Located in Pheonix, Arizona we supply a variety of Tortoises and Turtles to hobbyists as well as professional breeders. Our site offers Live Tortoises and Turtles for sale as well as caging, heating, lighting and feeding supplies. Come check us out!

Arizona Tortoise Compound

Located in Pheonix, Arizona we supply a variety of Tortoises and Turtles to hobbyists as well as professional breeders. Our site offers Live Tortoises and Turtles for sale as well as caging, heating, lighting and feeding supplies. Come check us out!

Home Hingeback tortoiseTortoise Forum Apr 12, 2014 · Got myself 2 more new tortoises.2 weeks ago. was told by the seller that it was a 1.1 forest hingeback tortoise. after looking and asking on another forum. found out they were home's hingeback, and after reading the top forum about sexing these guys, i think instead of a 1.1, these guys are actually 2 males, any input would really be helpful.Arizona Tortoise Compound, P.O. Box 1044, Wittmann, AZ 2019 Arizona Tortoise Compound is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Due to the abundant sunshine, edible landscape and short winters, we are able to provide for and house 30 different species of tortoises successfully. Arizona Tortoise Compound is one of only a few that maintains and breeds adult groups in every species that is offered on our site.Forest Hinge-Back Tortoise Conservation - African. The Forest Hinge-back Tortoises, Kinixys erosa and Kinixys homeana (Family Testudinidae), live in forest habitats and have a considerable range over the continuous Guinea–Congo rainforest region in West and Central Africa. It is a medium- to large-sized tortoise, with a.Arizona Tortoise Compound - HomeFacebook Arizona Tortoise Compound, Wittmann, Arizona. 7.9K likes. A.T.C, is focused on helping the worlds tortoises through captive breeding & education. A.T.C.Hingeback Tortoises Kinyxys - The Tortoise Library Hingeback Tortoises (Kinyxys) General. Most often called hingeback or hinged tortoises, the genus name of Kinyxys comes from two roots- kineo meaning 'to move', and ixus for waist or back. The exact number of species and sub-species varies depending on the source. Serrated or Forest Hingeback Tortoise (Schweigger, 1812) 12in/30cm- the.

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Description of the Hingeback tortoise There are several subspecies of the hingeback tortoise, and each of these has unique habits and aspects of appearance that distinguish it from the rest of the pack. All these subspecies are native to different parts of Africa, ranging from the.

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  • Mar 25, 2019 · Tortoise Forum is a community of pet tortoise enthusiasts. We aim to provide a free resource to tortoise keepers around the world. On these pages you will find discussions on any and all topics relating to pet tortoises (and even turtles)! Thank you for visiting our site and joining our community. Ask Questions, Share Answers, Talk Torts!

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    WE HAVE HOME’S HINGEBACK TORTOISE FOR SALE. HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Originating Out Of West Africa Ranging From Liberia, East To Cameroon, And In The Democratic Republic Of The Congo; Adults Can Grow Up To 6-9 Inches In Shell Length; With Proper Care These Tortoises Can Live Up To 25 – 60 Years In Captivity

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    Forest Hingeback Tortoise Kinixys erosa. We have a few remarkable Forest Hingeback tortoises for sale at really low pricing. This moderately-sized species hails from Africa, where it feeds on vegetation and is an excellent swimmer. When you buy a tortoise from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.

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